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Elevating Efficiency: How eInvoicing is transforming the Engineering and Construction Industry in ANZ back by Government Incentives

This webinar recording is compelling and essential viewing for Business Leaders, CFOs, CEOs and CIOs. The transformative potential of eInvoicing is emphasised by our panel, highlighting its role, not just as a regulatory tool, but as a technology enabler reshaping the standards by which we will do business in the very near future.

Top 5 JD Edwards Priorities for Businesses in 2023

As the JD Edwards community continues to grow and evolve, companies are focused on specific JDE projects that will help them stay competitive and streamline their operations. A recent survey by Quest found that there are five JD Edwards projects that are top priorities for companies in the next 12-18 months.

Global JD Edwards Roll-outs & Localizations

Global JD Edwards Roll-outs & Localizations In-depth JD Edwards knowledge, in-country knowledge including tax, reporting requirements and local language skills. “Roll-outs become predictable, manageable and affordable when basic project management principles are applied.” - Tim Payne Steltix, Localizations Manager Steltix combines insights gained from projects delivered around the world. Take benefit from the JD Edwards ERP experience, local knowledge and language skills to ensure your roll-out goes smoothly, on time and on budget. Additional country-specific localisations Financial and taxation regulations Local languages, forms [...]

Project Delivery

Project Delivery Leading customers on their Digital Journey. “Project Delivery becomes predictable, manageable and affordable when base principles are applied.”- Erik de JoodeSteltix, Service Manager Steltix combines industry experience, project methodology and digital accelerators with global reach and local delivery capabilities. Add to that world-class capabilities in digital technology adoption, training, and review, and we consistently deliver highly successful results for our clients. We bring our digital accelerators, industry-standard business process models, localisation templates, change management, training and testing to achieve results for our [...]