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Providing peace of mind to our Customers regarding licensing compliance and costs.

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“Software Licensing can be complex at the best of times. Negotiating favorable license terms with Software Vendors requires experience and a solid knowledge of contracts and precedents. Even when a license is agreed, remaining on top of license compliance is critical to avoid heavy penalties.”

Ian Hunter
Sales & Business Development

Steltix Software Licensing Advisory leverages our extensive experience and knowledge of software license contracts, metrics, precedents and negotiation experience to optimise our client’s license investment and provide them peace of mind for ongoing licensing compliance:

Green Bullet USPBe alert, not alarmed – is easy with our Proactive License Review and Audit Defence Services

Green Bullet USPOptimise your license entitlement and usage to maximise value on a continuous basis

Green Bullet USPAvoid expensive surprises! Proactively monitor the forecast and actual cloud consumption

Green Bullet USPLicense asset procurement, contracting, Bills of Materials optimisation and vendor negotiation – reduce the total cost of ownership and avoid buying “shelfware”

Steltix Software Licensing Advisory Services

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Marcel van der Togt
Steltix, Director Managed Services

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