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Christopher Bothe

“Digital demand and supply networks might shorten timeframes and reduce costs for at home or in-store deliveries.”

– Christopher Bothe
Steltix, Sales

We implement wholesale and distribution resource planning with multi-site, multi-lingual and international operations.

Green Bullet USPWholesalers must look beyond what already works. Customer service is fundamental to achieving growth.

Green Bullet USPProviding better availability and service levels is fundamental for wholesalers looking to thrive in the current market.

keune success story


KEUNE Haircosmetics

“We were looking for an open-minded system integrator for JD Edwards, Steltix had a good feel for what our organization needs and how to adjust our JD Edwards configuration accordingly.”


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NL Paul Schouten

Paul Schouten
Steltix, Industry Specialist

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