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Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards – OGL4JDE

Increase User Adoption and Proficiency for JD Edwards and all Web-based Applications. Continuous, live, In-Application Navigation.

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Faster User Adoption for JDE and all web-based Apps.

​OGL4JDE represents a paradigm shift in user training and system adoption.

OGL4JDE is more than a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP); it’s a strategic investment in your business’s future.

Embracing continuous learning and innovation adoption unlocks new opportunities and keeps you ahead in today’s rapidly evolving IT systems landscape.


Benefits of OGL4JDE:

Green Bullet USPFaster adoption of JDE and web-apps new features, policies, orchestrations & transaction processing.

Green Bullet USPEnhanced User Experience and Increased productivity.

Green Bullet USPSimplify onboarding new hires’ and enhance their experience!

Green Bullet USPOptimise the cost of ongoing training, change management and internal users support.

Green Bullet USPUtilise real-time insights into user adoption to continuously improve guides and content.

Green Bullet USPNative integration with JDE ensuring JDE access security, roles, and Delegation of Authority as respected natively.

Continuous User Adoption

Empowering Success for Fulton Hogan’s Digital Future Systems Programme ​

Alisha Peter
“Continuous Release and Innovation: OGL4JDE is a cornerstone for ongoing training efficiency and users adopting each new JDE release into our operations. The benefits of users having the ability within JDE to follow step-by-step instructions is a game changer for our business.”​

– Alisha Peter​, ​Future Systems Programme, ​Fulton Hogan​

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Why Fulton Hogan Selected OGL4JDE & Steltix for their Future Systems Programme​

“It’s a no-brainer! We highly recommend Steltix and OGL4JDE. Steltix has the product and technical knowledge and their service is exceptional. OGL4JDE is an exciting leap forward for Fulton Hogan on our Digital Transformation Journey” Here is Alisha Peter, Programme Planner for the Fulton Hogan’, discussing their transformative journey, using OGL4JDE and partnering with Steltix.



Benefits of OGL4JDE for Fulton Hogan

“It’s the excitement! Having the ability within JDE to follow step-by-step guides in the live JDE system is a game changer for our business”! Here is Alisha Peter, Programme Planner for the Fulton Hogan’, discussing their transformative journey, using OGL4JDE and partnering with Steltix.

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Enabling Continuous Innovation​

Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards​

OGL4JDE integrates people, processes, and technology to boost efficiency and user adoption of updates, innovations, and policy changes. It provides dynamic, in-application learning, helping companies stay ahead. Our webinar with Oracle Apps Unlimited and Oracle University showcases OGL4JDE’s ability to deliver real-time, GPS-like guidance for continuous learning within JD Edwards. OGL4JDE allows Users to become instantly proficient.

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Key Note Address​
– The Training & Adoption Revolution ​​

Daniel Smith By Jason Bowers
Chief Operating Officer,​ Oracle Apps Unlimited​, Western Europe​

Oracle Guided Learning
– Digital Adoption Platform​

Daniel Smith By Peter Bellia
Senior Director,​ Oracle University​

– Solutions Demonstration​

Daniel Smith By Daniel Smith
Product Director OGL4JDE,Steltix

In Application Live Navigation and Guided Learning​

User Experience: Oracle Guided Learning 4 JDE (OGL4JDE) enhances user experience, enterprise content management, and user adoption analytics. It offers dynamic in-application navigation, akin to a GPS, providing contextual directions to guide users through complex or new policies, processes, orchestrations & transactions.

Content Management: OGL4JDE ensures immediate productivity and increased system adoption by offering configurable and personalized content. It evolves dynamically, integrating real-time insights, user feedback, and analytics, supporting continuous improvement for Change and Training Teams.

Adoption Analytics: OGL4JDEt facilitates content creation and management, including version control and automated translations for multiple applications simultaneously. Steltix’s pre-built navigation guides and training materials further enhance user understanding, making OGL4JDE a comprehensive solution for JD Edwards.

OGL4JDE Enterprise Content Management ​​​

OGL4JDE: Enterprise Digital Adoption Platform for JD Edwards and Web-Based Applications

OGL4JDE can be used with JDE and other web-based apps. The license for OGL4JDE allows usage on JDE plus 2 other, web-based, non-Oracle applications. These might included examples such as UKG (Kronos Workforce Management), DocuSign, Coupa Software, Jira, Steltix Appshare, ReportsNow (web-based components), Hubble, ServiceNow are just some of approx 40 systems tested using OGL. Note, pre-built content and native integration is for JDE only.

OGL4JDE Insights

Ask an OGL4JDE Expert

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith
Steltix, OGL Product Owner

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