Oracle Guided Learning

Official Launch of Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards at BLUEPRINT 4D

Steltix, in collaboration with Oracle JD Edwards Product Development and Oracle University, have enabled Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards (OGL4JDE). OGL4JDE is a cloud-based, in-application that provides an onboarding and perpetual learning experience for JD Edwards as well as other cloud applications. Users receive contextualised tips, tricks and learning guides as well as feedback and analytics to identify ongoing training needs. OGL4JDE also enables seamless policy enforcement/process completion.

Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards

Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards - OGL4JDE Increase User Adoption and Proficiency for JD Edwards and all Web-based Applications. Continuous, live, In-Application Navigation. Success Story OGL4JDE Faster User Adoption for JDE and all web-based Apps. ​OGL4JDE represents a paradigm shift in user training and system adoption. OGL4JDE is more than a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP); it’s a strategic investment in your business's future. Embracing continuous learning and innovation adoption unlocks new opportunities and keeps you ahead in today’s rapidly evolving IT systems landscape. ASK AN OGL [...]