7 things to consider when evaluating No-code or Low-code platforms

No-code and low-code platforms have generated a lot of buzz in the market over the last decade. Businesses across a variety of industries see the clear benefits: a rapidly built, tailor-fit solution for your specific requirements without straining IT resources. This is especially critical at a time when technical talent is sometimes difficult to attain.

Steltix Sales Force Automation

Steltix Sales Force Automation Built on Nextworld What is Steltix Sales Force Automation? Steltix Sales Force Automation offers an all-around Customer Management tool integrated into Nextworld. Being a cloud-based solution, it allows your team to access and process customer data from anywhere in the world. I want to know more 100% Cloud-based Accurate quoting and inventory 360 customer views A deeper understanding of buying behaviour FEATURES Focus on your customers, our module does the rest Sales Force Automation is a [...]

Steltix Sales Force Automation, Built on Nextworld

The first release of Nextworld CRM is now available within Nextworld ERP. Nextworld CRM by Steltix provides Nextworld customers with the right tools to assist them on their journey with their own customers. It is the most valuable tool to manage new customers, working through deals, reporting on their pipeline and making more efficient business decisions.


EXTEND YOUR ERP WITHOUT LIMITS Your New 100% No-Code Platform Scale your ERP with Nextbot as your business grows Nextbot was designed to integrate with your ERP. As a result, you can expect to start innovating while reducing technical debt and maintenance costs. By building your custom applications on a single 100% no-code platform, your team can now develop on the go. Additionally, your User Experience improves with Nextbot's consistent look & feel. Rapid Development Being 100% No-Code means you can build and change applications on [...]

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