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Provide a greater variety and quality of products, simplify complex supply chains and compete with price pressures.

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“The digital integration of the end-to-end value chain becomes a strategic priority in retail enterprise resource planning.”

– Eduard Bufort
Steltix, Sales

We implement retail enterprise resource planning in the consumer goods industry with multi-site, multi-lingual and international operations.

Agribusiness is facing major transformations in the agricultural system, in rural economies and in how to manage the natural resources.

Cosmetic Companies need to deliver safe and high-quality products and are tied to complex high-quality controls.

The Retail era everywhere is challenged by impact of pervasiveness, personalisation and privacy.


Burg Groep Testimonial

“We had to look at retail enterprise resource planning solutions that were going to be flexible and capable of integrating with these existing systems. Steltix enables that integration, and it’s something we can build on.”


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