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Nextworld is what you’ve been looking for.

Jaime Fernandez

“Choosing an ERP is a crucial decision for your company and should be taken care of by the right professionals. Here at Steltix we will help you make the right decisions and show you the way.

Let’s dive into this ground-breaking ERP together!”

– Jaime Fernandez
Steltix, Partner Manager

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Nextworld is ahead of what’s next ®

What if someone told you you would not have to go through the long and painful process of updating your ERP ever again?

Nextworld offers you the opportunity of having a seamless ERP software and focus on what really matters; your company.

We are the first ERP vendor to implement Nextworld’s solution in EMEA and looking forward to helping you make your business future-proof.

Green Bullet USPNo-code platform. This means you can develop applications much faster than with any other tool on the market.

Green Bullet USPZero down-time updates. The ERP suite and custom modules built will automatically inherit the new technology without taking the system offline.

Green Bullet USPCompetitive pricing. Adapts to the evolution of your company giving you peace of mind and with unlimited users.

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Packed with years of expertise

“The next generation of business enterprise software developed to be the last implementation you will ever need to do.

The investment you make with Nextworld has to last a lifetime.”

– Edward Mcvaney, founder of J.D. Edwards, explains how he had been looking for a real solution to legacy ERP systems.


Your 100% No-code
Development Platform

Built on the next wave: PaaS + SaaS.

Every 10-15 years, a new wave of technology emerges. To embrace new technologies, applications must be built from the ground up on that wave. Rather than fight to keep up, your IT department can take advantage of a platform architected on the next wave: a fully integrated PaaS plus SaaS.

Did you know that 41% of organisations are using a no/low code platform? Of these, 91% use them to promote innovation and 84% of the users report reduced costs in their company.

The applications you build on Nextbot are separate from the platform that delivers your technology. As a result, when new technologies arise, Nextbot integrates them into your core system. With Nextbot, you will be able to customize and build complete solutions exponentially faster.

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Nextworld CRM
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The CRM for every
Nextworld Customer

An all-around Customer Relationship Management

Nextworld CRM by Steltix is designed to help you grow your account base while keeping your customers happy along the way.

It was built on the Nextbot Platform, and it is a CRM that keeps improving with your business as our team works on regular releases and updates. Built in a no-code way and 100% cloud-based, you can access your data from anywhere in the world.

Deliver exceptional customer experience and while keeping your data tightly integrated within your ERP.

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Nelson Cunha

Steltix, Tecnical Consultant

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