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Your New 100%
No-Code Platform

Scale your ERP with Nextbot as your business grows

Nextbot was designed to integrate with your ERP.

As a result, you can expect to start innovating while reducing technical debt and maintenance costs.

By building your custom applications on a single 100% no-code platform, your team can now develop on the go. Additionally, your User Experience improves with Nextbot’s consistent look & feel.

Rapid development

Rapid Development

Being 100% No-Code means you can build and change applications on your own.

Therefore, you can now develop those in a fraction of the time than with conventional solutions.

Sustainable customizations


Your ERP remains standard while developing new applications on Nextbot.

When upgrading your ERP, your customizations will integrate seamlessly with each new version.

Future proof 1


Separating the applications from the technology guarantees a seamless integration.

When new technologies emerge, Nextbot embraces them for you.

I want to see an example

What can Nextbot do for you?

For years we were told customizations should be avoided.
However, we believe that the value of a company relies on those unique traits.

And you should make the most out of them.

I have a specific business process not supported by my ERP

Most out-of-the-box ERPs can cover up to 70% of your business processes. What about the remaining 30%?

We believe that is where your business key differentiators are.

You can now build specific applications (like a customer portal) that will seamlessly integrate with future upgrades.

I use third-party applications not fully integrated with my ERP

You have decided to run some processes out of your ERP but those are not well integrated with it.

Why have multiple sources of truth and different applications for every need?

Build them on Nextbot, and simplify your IT landscape.

Get a taste of Nextbot

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Embrace customizations and be ahead of the game

Remove the need to purchase small solutions to solve your business requirements, and rely on Nextbot for that.

The result? A simplified IT structure and a reduced number of suppliers to manage.

Connecting seamlessly with your ERP, the platform allows you to build and deploy the applications you need today.

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A Customer Portal built on Nextbot

Collaboration with your Stakeholders made easy

Thanks to Nextbot, we have created a customizable customer portal. With easy and quick integration into your JD Edwards you will be able to:

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Track orders from your clients and let them access accounts receivable (AR) and sales details.

Nextworld bullet 02
Reduce redundancies in the supply chain and streamline your business’ procurement process.

Nextworld bullet 02Give your current customers access to account, payment, file information and more. Give them self-capacity and improve their satisfaction.

With the simplicity of creating new applications that Nextbot offers, the customer portal we have developed is just one example of what can be done with the platform.

Secure, scalable and integrated into your ERP

Jaime Fernandez, Steltix

“Thanks to the intuitiveness of Nextbot, our team was
able to create a customer portal in days completely
integrated into JD Edwards.

And ready for our customers to benefit from it’s full potential.”

Jaime Fernandez
Nextworld Partner Manager at Steltix
5 Reasons to Combine JD Edwards with No-code

What would you like to build today?

Nelson Cunha

Nelson Cunha
Steltix, Technical Consultant

Hi there,

Nextbot is the most revolutionary tool in the market to develop your own customizations and making sure that they will be sustainable over time.

What would you like to build today?