Mackellar Group, a key player in Civil Earthmoving, Mining Services, and Equipment Hire on the Sunshine Coast, celebrates a successful upgrade of its workforce management systems, with Steltix playing a crucial role. Led by Joint Managing Directors Stuart Arndell and Andre Desbiens, Mackellar Group revamped its operations with the selection and implementation of the UKG solution Workforce Dimensions, guided by Steltix’s expertise.

Founded in 1966 by Alastair MacKellar, Mackellar Group has grown into a reputable name in the mining industry, boasting over 1,000 employees and a fleet size of 350 mining machines across 15 ongoing projects. With over 55 years of earthmoving expertise, the company remains committed to embracing technological advancements for sustainable growth while staying rooted in family values.

MacKellar’s capability and capacity were recognised by the North American Construction Group (NACG) in a strategic acquisition which was completed on 1 October 2023.

Recognising the need for modernisation,  Mackellar’s highly experienced Payroll and Finance teams led efforts to revamp Mackellar’s workforce management systems. Steltix played a pivotal role, providing strategic guidance in product selection and facilitating a seamless implementation of the UKG solution.

“Steltix’s expertise was invaluable in helping us to assess and ultimately select an integrated workforce management solutions,” Desbiens remarked. “Their industry knowledge and strategic insights empowered us to make informed decisions that aligned with our business goals.”

Steltix’s involvement extended beyond product selection, with their team seamlessly orchestrating the implementation of the UKG solution. “Their professionalism and dedication ensured a smooth transition, minimising disruption to our operations,” Desbiens added.

As a result of the collaboration with Steltix, Mackellar now boasts a modernised workforce management system that enhances operational efficiency and empowers employees. “Steltix’s contribution has been instrumental in driving our success,” Desbiens concluded. “Their partnership has positioned us for continued growth and innovation.”

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