Inspired Technology for Inspiring Customers

How Steltix can help you scale with systems and processes instead of people If you are in the market for an ERP system, chances are you are a little overwhelmed with the choices available and the decisions that need to be made. Steltix is more than an implementation partner, we are also a trusted advisor and can help you in your decision making – offering unbiased advice on what is best for your business. The first big decision we can help you address is “What is the difference between on-premise ERP and Cloud ERP, and which is [...]

NetSuite Personal Information (PI) Removal

You have the right to be forgotten The right to be forgotten (RTBF) is the right individuals have, in some circumstances, to have their personal information removed from Internet searches and other directories. It is a right adopted in many jurisdictions and is one of the key requirements in recent privacy laws. NetSuite PI Removal helps businesses like yours to address privacy regulations related to data subject requests. The feature enables NetSuite users with the applicable permissions to remove personal information from NetSuite fields, records, and audit logs. Administrators can use PI Removal to replace the data [...]

NetSuite Purchase to Project

Is project cost management out of control? With NetSuite 2021 Release 2 we have seen NetSuite focus on enhancements that optimise efficiencies and increase automations, allowing businesses like yours to streamline your operations even further. A new addition to the SuiteApp Marketplace is Purchase to Project, a new feature that allows users, especially project managers, to create purchase transactions that are related to projects and project tasks. Expenses related to projects can then easily be tracked and controlled. Having visibility over expenses and purchases related to projects and linked project tasks is important for any project manager to [...]

SuiteWorld Free Pass Opt-in

Claim your free SuiteWorld On Air pass before it's too late SuiteWorld, October 18 – 21, 2021 | Las Vegas and Online SuiteWorld where NetSuite (Re)unitesSuiteWorld is Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference for the NetSuite community. For more than 10 years, NetSuite customers, partners, and developers have come together to make new connections, exchange ideas, and learn more about NetSuite.Whether you’re a NetSuite expert, newbie, or just in the market for a new ERP system, SuiteWorld On Air has options for you. What is included in your SuiteWorld On Air pass: Live keynotes and general sessions and instructor-led [...]

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Workbook

SuiteAnalytics Workbook is a fully configurable workbook that incorporate datasets, tables, pivot tables, and charts in a single tool that takes advantage of the new analytics data source. Reporting and analytics are arguably two of the most important aspects of any good ERP solution. Getting crucial, meaningful business data easier and faster is more important than ever and NetSuite have addressed this need with Workbook, a new feature built into SuiteAnalytics. It is a easy to use toolkit that can create, analyze and share your business data. SuiteAnalytics Workbook makes it possible to explore and visualize data [...]

WD ICE Happy with move to NetSuite

Steltix helps WD Ice move to NetSuite. We are a small business that grew big really quickly and we needed insights and capabilities that small business software just couldn’t provide. When we first decided on Netsuite it felt like a grudge purchase. We had to have some of the functionality but we were just unamused at the amount of work and cost involved. The sales team at Netsuite was superb at understanding these concerns and connected us to Steltix for implementation. Between Netsuite and Steltix they made sure that every single question was answered and that our needs as a [...]