Steltix helps WD Ice move to NetSuite.

We are a small business that grew big really quickly and we needed insights and capabilities that small business software just couldn’t provide. When we first decided on Netsuite it felt like a grudge purchase. We had to have some of the functionality but we were just unamused at the amount of work and cost involved. The sales team at Netsuite was superb at understanding these concerns and connected us to Steltix for implementation. Between Netsuite and Steltix they made sure that every single question was answered and that our needs as a small business were met, both now and for scalability in the future.

“As implementation started, the mood changed drastically when we saw how easy this was going to be. Of course it helped having the best implementation partner any business could ask for – Warwick and his team at Steltix made the transition so smooth and we were raring for go live.”

Since then, and especially since COVID 19, having Netsuite has allowed us to work remotely and have real time insight into customer volumes, debtors, banking and supply chain. The communication audit trail is especially handy right now with various staff engaging with clients or suppliers, we all have access to the communications and follow ups required. Turning these into cases will give us a better view to our response rates to queries and therefore improve our customer touch points. I specifically love the customisable nature of views, searches and reports and use this feature to show me views of my data that I’d never seen before. One of the biggest time savers for us is the integration with customer EDI. This helps us to quickly see which documentation will be problematic. We plan on developing further integrations to point of sale directly from trucks, complete with receipting and inventory as well as cash reconciliations. This will save countless hours of admin and human error.

“Admittedly we are still discovering features every week and turning on greater power for us to understand our business. All the same, we’re very happy we made the move to Netsuite.” says Candice Tootell, WD ICE General Manager.