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Elevating Efficiency: How eInvoicing is transforming the Engineering and Construction Industry in ANZ back by Government Incentives

This webinar recording is compelling and essential viewing for Business Leaders, CFOs, CEOs and CIOs. The transformative potential of eInvoicing is emphasised by our panel, highlighting its role, not just as a regulatory tool, but as a technology enabler reshaping the standards by which we will do business in the very near future.

Get JD Edwards Ready for the Mandatory Digital Signature in Portugal from 2025

As of 31 December 2024, the qualified digital signature of invoices in PDF will be compulsory in Portugal. Article 182-A of the Portuguese Parliament extends the validity of PDF invoices until 31 December 2024.

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

OGL for JDE Training Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) is a cloud-based enterprise training platform embedded within JD Edwards. Get an overview of the Oracle Guided Learning solution as deployed with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Topics included are: OGL – JD Edwards Connectivity OGL Content Types & Capabilities OGL Content Management OGL Content Development Scheduled Classes #_EVENTLINK #_EVENTDATES at #_EVENTTIMES #_LOCATIONLINK Ask us for your required training if there are no standard dates planned at the moment! [...]