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La Revolución de la Facturación Electrónica en España: Ley Crea y Crece

En un paso significativo hacia la modernización y la eficiencia en el ámbito empresarial, la Nueva Ley Crea y Crece va a introducir cambios sustanciales en la forma en que las empresas, autónomos y subcontratistas del Estado manejan sus transacciones financieras. Una de las transformaciones más destacadas es la adopción generalizada de la facturación electrónica, un hito que redefine la gestión documental y lucha contra la morosidad, además de promover la sostenibilidad ambiental. La factura electrónica es una herramienta que ha ganado terreno en la era digital, estableciéndose como una alternativa eficiente y sostenible a las facturas tradicionales en [...]

Our JD Edwards Journey: Navigating INFOCUS 2023 and European Events

In the fast-paced world of enterprise solutions, staying informed and connected is essential. This fall, we embarked on a JD Edwards journey that took us from the heart of the United States to the picturesque landscapes of Europe. Our mission: to delve deep into the world of JD Edwards and the broader Oracle ecosystem. This journey began at INFOCUS 2023 in Denver, Colorado, and continued through European events in October. Join us as we recount our experiences and share insights from this JD Edwards adventure. INFOCUS 2023: Bridging the Gap in Denver, Colorado Our JD Edwards journey [...]

Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) para JD Edwards

Oracle Guided Learning para JD Edwards En colaboración con Oracle Oracle Guided Learning para JDE Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) para JD Edwards: Simplificando y acelerando el aprendizaje en JDE Oracle Guided Learning (OGL) es una plataforma de formación empresarial basada en la nube integrada en JD Edwards. Steltix, en colaboración con el equipo de desarrollo de JD Edwards y Oracle University, ha construido esta herramienta para JD Edwards con el objetivo agilizar el proceso de incorporación y mejorar las competencias de los usuarios, además de mejorar la [...]

EMEA JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Summer School 2023

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Summer School is back in EMEA 26 April 2022, Utrecht Steltix just released the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Summer School Schedule for EMEA. Classes are taking place 10th of July to 17th of August 2023. "Consolidation, current topics and new areas make up this year's Summer School schedule. Also, breaking content into shorter units resulting in half-day course offerings. " The EMEA JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Summer School 2023 Schedule has been released and is available to download! Six weeks of exciting classes across a variety of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne topics, from Application [...]

Nueva Ley sobre Facturación Electrónica en España

Tras la aprobación en el BOE de la Ley Crea y Crece y una vez se apruebe su desarrollo reglamentario, la facturación electrónica pasará a ser un requisito para empresas y facturación B2B.

Impuesto Especial sobre los envases de plástico no reutilizables y lo que debes saber en relación a JD Edwards

La nueva normativa se encuentra en vigor desde el 1 de enero de 2023

Global JDE Roll-out to Asia – A customer success story

Global JDE Roll-out to Asia - A single ERP Strategy that is no longer a pipe dream 27 October 2022, Utrecht A strategy of “Single ERP” is one that is usually a wish for most companies, but with the right partnership, you can make this a reality. Elementis and Steltix make a formidable team amidst the uncertainty and challenges brought on by COVID-19. In early 2019 Elementis embarked on a project with Steltix to replace their existing SAP ERP with their globally appointed ERP solution, JDE Enterprise One (JDE). The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 however foiled [...]

Customer Success Story: Migration of JDE to OCI

Smart solutions from Steltix ensure seamless migration of JDE to OCI Do not underestimate the cost savings of moving to the Cloud. Comparisons rarely do it justice. 21 September 2022, Utrecht The on-premise hardware of Pluripharm was nearing its end of life and thus a move to the cloud was imminent. With the knowledge that their new ERP infrastructure needed to be stable, with good performance and state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery, Hans Stokman, ICT Manager at Pluripharm, commented that ‘The main thing we researched was which supplier would do the cloud transition of JD Edwards [...]

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 23

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 23 is available to automate, optimize and transform your business processes on your digital journey. Our demo environment is already updated for you to discover the latest enhancements. The new extensions of the Digital Transformation features are automating your business processes. Add a call of an Orchestration to your workflow or use the new Logic Extension features like calling them directly from a form extension or setting data set processing, to optimize your processes. A File Selector for Orchestrations launched from an EnterpriseOne Page is supporting your users with flexible input. What if [...]

BLUEPRINT 4D Event 2022

We are back in-person at BLUEPRINT 4D formally known as Collaborate Las Vegas 6-9th June 2022 Steltix returns this year to the most famous Oracle community event that will be hosted at the MGM Grand Conference Center. We will be using the opportunity to connect with customers & partners in-person during the conference. Showcasing our capabilities to simplify business processes through digital automation will be our main goal to show the community what is possible. To know more about the Agenda, how to register, Covid-19 updates, and general FAQ, please visit the [...]