In the fast-paced world of enterprise solutions, staying informed and connected is essential.

This fall, we embarked on a JD Edwards journey that took us from the heart of the United States to the picturesque landscapes of Europe. Our mission: to delve deep into the world of JD Edwards and the broader Oracle ecosystem.

This journey began at INFOCUS 2023 in Denver, Colorado, and continued through European events in October. Join us as we recount our experiences and share insights from this JD Edwards adventure.

INFOCUS 2023: Bridging the Gap in Denver, Colorado

Our JD Edwards journey commenced with INFOCUS 2023, the premier JD Edwards event held in Denver, Colorado. Focused exclusively on JDE, INFOCUS 2023 served as a critical platform for experts and enthusiasts from across the globe. We were very excited to present Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards with Oracle.

It provided a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of JD Edwards, exchange knowledge, and gain profound insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices.

Oracle Apps Unlimited Utrecht

Apps Unlimited Event in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Following our American expedition, we made our way to The Netherlands. The Apps Unlimited event in October was a gathering point for JD Edwards enthusiasts at the Oracle Offices in Utrecht.

This event offered a window into the latest developments within the JD Edwards world and revealed how businesses leverage these innovations to streamline their operations.

SPOUG and Apps Unlimited in Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, we presented two great sessions. The first session featured the success story involving our international client Keune Haircosmetics and their expansion into Spain.

We were joined by Alejandro Zonno, Keune’s Country Manager in Spain, as we shared the journey of Keune’s success with JD Edwards.

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The second session revolved around Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards, a tool we actively contributed to developing with Oracle University and the JD Edwards Product Development. This session was an opportunity to showcase the remarkable power of guided learning in streamlining JD Edwards processes and enhancing the user experience.

Oracle User Group France

Oracle User Group Event in Paris, France

Our JD Edwards journey continued in the heart of France at the Oracle User Group Event in October. This event provided an ideal platform for us to engage with the broader JD Edwards community.

Here, we exchanged insights and ideas with professionals deeply embedded in the JD Edwards ecosystem.

Our JD Edwards journey was a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the JD Edwards community.

Starting with INFOCUS 2023 in The United States, and followed by our European adventures, we connected with the JD Edwards community, shared our experiences, and gained valuable insights into the latest enhancements and business process automation accelerators.

The success story of Keune Haircosmetics, the development of Oracle Guided Learning for JD Edwards, and our experiences at INFOCUS 2023 were among the highlights of our journey.

Stay tuned and join us at upcoming events!