About IMCD

IMCD, a global leader in the formulation, sales, and distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients, has been creating a world of opportunity through their innovative approach and extensive technical expertise.

With a high-quality portfolio of 48,000 products, IMCD serves eight distinct market sectors: Advanced Materials, Beauty & Personal Care, Coatings & Construction, Food & Nutrition, Home Care and I&I, Industrial Solutions, Lubricants & Energy, and Pharmaceuticals. Their products are integral to nearly every aspect of daily life, ensuring that IMCD plays a crucial role in advancing industries worldwide.

IMCD’s commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of their business model. Their approach addresses global challenges faced by our planet and society, embedding sustainable practices into their operations and ensuring they contribute positively to environmental and social goals. As IMCD continues to expand its global footprint, the need for robust and reliable ERP support becomes critical.

Partnering with Steltix

To support their expansive growth and complex operations, IMCD partnered with Steltix and their Global Managed Services to enhance their JD Edwards ERP system. This collaboration aimed to ensure seamless ERP support worldwide, enabling IMCD to maintain its high standards of efficiency and innovation.

Jelle Schot, Group IT Director at IMCD, and Håkan Haddas, Group IT Manager, emphasize the significance of this partnership. “We needed a partner that can support us 24/7 on the continuity and improvement of our ERP platform” explains Jelle.

“We needed a partner that can support us 24/7 on the continuity and improvement of our ERP platform”

– Jelle Schot
Group IT Director, IMCD

Renier van Rooyen

Håkan adds, “to meet the current and future requirements of the business we needed to have a partner that is able to scale up when and where needed, and this is something we see in Steltix Global Managed Services.”

The partnership with Steltix has proven to be transformative for IMCD by allowing them to focus more on their core business activities, confident that their JD Edwards system is in capable hands.

Watch the Full Interview

To gain more insights into IMCD’s partnership with Steltix and hear directly from Jelle Schot and Håkan Haddas, we invite you to watch the full video interview. Learn more about the challenges they faced, the reasons behind their decision to partner with Steltix, and the impact of this collaboration on IMCD’s operations.

About Steltix Global Managed Services

Steltix Global Managed Services is a comprehensive service designed to address the challenges organizations face while managing ERP software. With a focus on JD Edwards ERP support, Steltix offers a range of services including system monitoring, updates, troubleshooting, and performance optimization. Our proactive approach ensures that potential issues are identified and resolved before they can impact business operations.

IMCD’s story highlights the importance of choosing the right partner for ERP support. With Steltix Global Managed Services, IMCD has not only overcome their ERP challenges but also set a strong foundation for future growth and success.

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