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What is No-Code?

Introducing No-Code No-code is a software development approach that requires few if any (as the name states!) programming skills to build an application exponentially faster than with code. This allows business users with the knowledge and understanding of their company requirements to create and customize their systems without the need for scarce developers. In reality, plenty of coding is involved behind the scenes, invisible to business users. This is accomplished through data abstraction or simplification and encapsulation, resulting in less complexity for users to accomplish the same results faster and more easily. In early 2021, Gartner published a press [...]

interAct CRM

The CRM for the Nextworld Customer The first release of interAct CRM is now available within Nextworld ERP. interAct CRM by Steltix provides the Nextworld customer with the right tools to assist them on their journey with their own customers. It is the most valuable tool to manage new customers, work through deals, report on their pipeline and make more efficient business decisions. The solution includes core features such as activity, lead and opportunity management, opportunity pipeline reporting and lead analysis, amongst others. As a 100% cloud-based solution, interAct allows teams to process customer data from [...]


EXTEND YOUR ERP WITHOUT LIMITS Your New 100% No-Code Platform Scale and adapt your ERP as your business grows Nextbot was designed to integrate with your ERP. As a result, you can expect to start innovating while reducing technical debt and maintenance costs. By building your custom applications on a single 100% no-code platform, your team can now develop on the go. Additionally, your User Experience improves with Nextbot's consistent look & feel. Rapid Development Being 100% No-Code means you can build and change applications [...]