Figure 1. INOAC Team Members – (from left to right) – Ted Weir (Senior Systems Analyst), Alonso Torres (ERP Manufacturing Specialist), Jane Greathouse (Financial Systems Analyst), John Gainor (Systems Implementation Administrator)

Michigan — INOAC USA, Inc., an industry-leading global force in innovative solutions catering to diverse sectors such as Automotive, Medical, Information Technology, and Consumer Products, proudly declares its partnership with Steltix Transparent Logon (TLX10), a cutting-edge Single Sign-on (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solution, to bolster the security of its JD Edwards system.

Steltix TLX10, renowned for its advanced SSO and MFA capabilities, runs natively within INOAC USA’s JD Edwards infrastructure.

The decision to select Steltix TLX10 was inspired by its remarkable performance and benefits, as endorsed by one of INOAC USA’s suppliers who were already familiar with the system’s capabilities.

John Gainor, Systems Implementation Administrator at INOAC USA commented, “The introduction of Steltix TLX10 through our partner’s recommendation marked a pivotal turning point. The installation process was notably efficient, enabling us to onboard several hundred JD Edwards users within a few weeks. The SSO-MFA empowers JDE users to utilize Windows Active Directory and SAML2 authentication, enhancing our security, streamlining IT support, and accelerating user login speeds. It has profoundly enhanced the user experience” said Gainor.

Gainor further emphasized, “The days of responding to JDE “password resets” are behind us, thanks to the Windows-level authentication facilitated by Steltix TLX10. This ensures a secure and seamless access experience. Our users’ feedback is very positive noting that their sign-in process with JDE has been truly revolutionized.”

The decision to select Steltix TLX10 as the optimal solution for fortifying JD Edwards’ security was underpinned by various compelling factors.

“Steltix showcased their collaboration throughout the process, reinforced by their ISO 27001 certification, instilling us with immense confidence in both their solutions and corporate ethos,” affirmed Michael Morris, IT Manager at INOAC USA.

“The alignment of the Steltix solution with our security strategy seamlessly integrates with our established protocols, enabling authentication via our SAML provider. The solution also provides the added flexibility of JSON Web Token (JWT) capability which is a great advantage.”

“We are extremely impressed with Steltix TLX10 which empowers JDE users, enhances our security, streamlines IT support, and accelerates user login speeds. The solution simplified the use of JDE! No password resets, training, or helpdesk calls required. This strategic decision reinforces INOAC USA’s dedication to delivering excellence but also underscores the pivotal role of agile, secure, and effective systems”, Morris said.

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