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This webinar recording is compelling and essential viewing for Business Leaders, CFOs, CEOs and CIOs. The transformative potential of eInvoicing is emphasised by our panel, highlighting its role, not just as a regulatory tool, but as a technology enabler reshaping the standards by which companies will do business in the very near future.

Companies investing time now to fully understand and prepare for eInvoicing will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

eInvoicing is already a ticket to enter many government tenders and fast becoming the gold standard in other industries. The transition to eInvoicing is portrayed as not only necessary to future-proof business but, also promises substantial rewards for those who embrace it.

Thank you to our panel, Karen Lay-Brew, Strategic Advisor ATO, Roshan Pandey, Senior Relationship Management, MBIE, Sagie Shaposhnykov, Senior Account Executive, Pagero and Daniel Smith, Managing Director Steltix APAC for a highly insightful, informative discussion supported by real company results to quantify how eInvoicing is benefiting Iconic Australia and New Zealand based companies.

The webinar has truly captured the transformative nature of eInvoicing related to the Engineering and Construction sector.”

“Switch to e-Invoicing and start transforming your business today!”

– Daniel Smith
Steltix APAC, Managing Director

Nelson Cunha
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