Australia — North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCO), a powerhouse in Australia’s cattle industry, renowned for its 145-year history of sustainable farming practices, is gearing up for an innovative transformation. As one of Australia’s most prominent cattle enterprises, NAPCO has stood firm in its commitment to animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and business longevity. This commitment echoes in the continued involvement of descendants from NAPCO’s original founding families.

In the echelons of Australia’s cattle industry, NAPCO holds a distinguished position, overseeing a herd of 180,000 cattle and an annual breeding of 60,000 calves.

Empowered by a workforce of over 200 dedicated professionals, NAPCO’s extensive operations span 13 Cattle Stations, 2 Feedlots, and 1 farm, covering an expansive six million hectares across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Appointed as NAPCO CFO in 2021 with a mandate to modernise the company’s processes and digital systems for increased operational efficiency, Jim Hunter identified a series of challenges, limitations, and potential process enhancements within the back-office systems.


“Our back-office system was heavily reliant on manual central management and lacked the transparency needed for key information required by our Cattle Stations.”

“It became evident that NAPCO needed a comprehensive evaluation of its future financial and ERP system requirements to explore modern ERP solutions as a viable replacement for the existing Finance application.”

Jim Hunter NAPCO

Jim Hunter
NAPCO’s Chief Financial Officer

Taking the helm of this transformative initiative, Hunter engaged Steltix to provide strategic guidance and aid in the selection of a solution.

“Steltix’s engagement involved an in-depth assessment of NAPCO’s documented processes and procedures, execution of high-level business process and functional scope workshops, capturing pain points and potential process improvement opportunities, and validation of ‘As Is’ applications currently used by NAPCO,” Hunter shared.

The process aimed to define high-level scope, costing, and timeline for system replacement, adopting an approach that kept the team engaged from start to finish.

As the evaluation progressed, Hunter emphasized, “The cattle industry is in the midst of rapid transformation, and our commitment is to leverage digital innovation as a strategic advantage to sustain our industry leadership.” Partnering with Steltix underscored our dedication to technological progress and a transparent evaluation of market options. Given the scale of our operations, efficient systems are paramount in driving growth and fostering an environment of continuous innovation.”

With its headquarters strategically based in Brisbane, NAPCO is poised to embark on a new chapter of progress through its digital journey.

River and cows napco
Harley Dark riding in the lead scaled 1

Appreciating the exceptional collaboration with Steltix, Hunter commended their professionalism and delivery, stating, “This engagement is the first and only instance I have encountered where a company has delivered precisely as promised—timely, exemplary quality, transparent communication, and a strong work ethic. I hold Steltix in the highest regard.”

Hunter concluded by endorsing Steltix Advisory Services, “For those seeking to evaluate ERP solutions, I wholeheartedly recommend Steltix Advisory Services. Their guidance, approach, extensive knowledge, and professionalism are truly unparalleled.”

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