Here are four business reasons to archive the data that’s accumulating inside your JDE system.


1. Improve system performance. Enhance the UX. 

  • Faster backups 
  • Easier test environment refreshes 
  • Reports will run faster and complete in the allocated window 
  • A smaller database means less system maintenance 
  • Overall health and performance of the ERP system will improve with noticeable and quantifiable benefits 
  • Free up resource

2. Simplify your journey to the cloud. 

A smaller data footprint means less risk and reduced storage costs.  Why pay to store end-of-life data that has little to no business value? 

3. Upgrades are faster and easier.

Seize this opportunity! 

Start your new version of JD Edwards with a faster, leaner system. Why ‘lift-and-shift’ piles of historic, low-value data.  

4. Security. Liability. Compliance. 

Reduce your company’s data footprint to minimize risk. Less data means lower fines and faster disaster recovery times. If a data breach occurs, fines are calculated based on the quantity of data stolen. 

Introducing Purge-it! The JD Edwards data archiving solution 

Purge-it! differs from other solutions because it’s written entirely in the JD Edwards toolset. 

  • Installs into your EnterpriseOne system and becomes another module in E1
  • Accessed via the standard JDE interface
  • No requirement to purchase extra hardware/software to implement Purge-it!
  • Immediately recognizable to JD Edwards Users
  • Runs 100% of the time JD Edwards is online & operational

Running Purge-it! on your existing JD Edwards system minimises costs and avoids unnecessary complexity and risk. Users experience a shallow learning curve for Purge-it! thanks to maintaining the same user experience and interface.  

More about Purge-it!