E-Invoice Link with Steltix

Beverwijk, 22 March 2021

E-invoicing service provider go2UBL has realized an e-invoice link with the help of Steltix, European market leader related to Oracle JD Edwards software.

Steltix Accounts Payable Automation (APA)
APA is a solution developed by Steltix that makes it possible to make optimal use of the JD Edwards system. It combines standard JD Edwards Accounts Payable automation capabilities with go2UBL’s invoice conversion solution. In this way, every received invoice can be processed automatically.

What is the connection between JD Edwards and Steltix?
Steltix is ​​the European market leader in Oracle JD Edwards ERP software. Efficiency improvement and innovation are of paramount importance to the experts at Steltix. Jan-Jaap Weestand, CEO of Steltix:

“By integrating the go2UBL conversion service within our APA solution, our customers are no longer dependent on scan and recognition software and are able to recognize, match and make invoices payable fully automatically. . ”

go2UBL converts all purchasing documents with the highest possible quality into the universal UBL format. By linking this to the APA solution from Steltix, another UBL-ready solution has been successfully put into use.

Rob Tolstra, CEO of go2UBL, is very excited to see more and more users discovering the benefits of electronic invoicing.

“Connecting via Steltix to JD Edwards has been a wonderful project. Steltix customers use our full invoice conversion from PDF to e-invoice at line level including enrichment with the order number.”
Steltix Go2UBL Graphic