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Nextworld Launch in EMEA - Webinar DECEMBER 8th AT 4 PM CET - SAVE THE DATE! Nextworld was created as a response to the limitations of traditional ERP systems. Join Konrad Rogers, COO from Nextworld and Jan Jaap Weerstand, CEO at Steltix on this discussion about ERP led by Andy Carlson. Some [...]

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FREE ERP STRATEGY SESSIONS FOR THIS MONTH ARE ALMOST GONE! FREE 30-MINUTE "STAYING ahead of what's next" ERP STRATEGY SESSION Get your FREE no-obligation revolutionary ERP-Strategy (€ 5.000 value) for your organisation and we'll show you the future of ERP and how to get there. CLAIM YOUR FREE 30-MINUTE [...]

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning or Platform?

How the ERP acronym has changed during the years The current business climate has forced individuals and companies to think faster, further, and more efficiently. ERP software solutions need to facilitate rapid change and the ability to deploy ever-changing business requirements and operational challenges almost at lightning-speed. But what does this mean for your [...]


Say hello to the Future of ERP Limited by prior investments, companies are looking for an ERP solution that future-proofs their business. This is what you’ve been looking for. “Choosing an ERP is a crucial decision for your company and should be taken care [...]

Nextworld: Financials

Financials Integrate seamlessly with banking and credit card systems. Many Financials vendors approach integrations as an afterthought. We know how important it is to handle inbound and outbound integrations with ease and full data integrity. Nextworld Financials was built by accountants, who understand the business problems you encounter and how to solve them. [...]

Nextworld: Manufacturing

Manufacturing Designed to support all manufacturing modes, where you can choose the capabilities you need to support your manufacturing processes. When you’re ready to go beyond configurations, you can use Nextbot, their no-code development platform, to extend your solution building brand new applications or customise existing ones. With Nextworld Manufacturing, you will be [...]

Nextworld: Distribution

Distribution Nextworld Distribution is a single, unified system to support sales, inventory, procurement, and production to control costs and streamline execution of your entire operation. Gain visibility of your business. With Nextworld, a complete view of your enterprise will be at hand, instantly. Learn about what it can do for you: Allocate multiple [...]

Nextworld: Projects

Projects Nextworld Projects is a fully integrated solution for executing the project lifecycle. Stakeholders can take advantage of their intuitive software that offers the flexibility you need. In a single solution, you can access the tools to automate your budgeting, forecasting and workflow while providing real-time profitability. Manage job transactions separately from Financials [...]

Nextworld Expands into Europe with Steltix partnering as first European Reseller

“Steltix is a crucial element to expanding into the European market and we are thrilled to sign them as our first European and South African reseller.” - Kylee McVaney, Founder and CEO of Nextworld Steltix, headquartered in the Netherlands, operates worldwide with 10 offices spread across Europe and South Africa. Not only does their [...]

Nextworld Round Table Webinar Registration

Nextworld Round Table Webinar 10th of June at 4 PM CET 2020 showed us how adapting to change is mandatory, and how we need tools that help us succeed on that. In this webinar we will address how the heart of a business must adapt to that change and why Nextworld was [...]