Connecting to new horizons…

At Steltix, we believe that building your business is all about connecting people with each other, with technology, with opportunities and with new horizons. That is why we are proud to announce the official launch of Steltix Asia Pacific, as well as the appointment of Daniel Smith as the Managing Director and Chris Navybox as the Sales Director of Steltix Asia Pacific.

Since 1999, Steltix has grown to become one of the largest independent providers of Oracle consulting and managed services in the world. Steltix’ Headquarters are based in The Netherlands and has operations running in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. The launch of the Steltix Asia Pacific opens the doors to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Japan and offers both local and multi-national customers the opportunity to benefit from a seamless continuum of consulting and 24/7 services with consistency in delivery across the globe.

Appointing Daniel Smith as Managing Director for Steltix Asia Pacific, provides us with the right kind of leadership to help shape our global strategy. As we continue to strengthen our business globally to best serve our customers, Daniel will play a key role in driving our expansion across the Asia Pacific region to grow and support Steltix customers in the region. Daniel has been hand-picked for his experience in helping us achieve our vision over the coming decade and his alignment with our culture and values which have customer centricity at its core and trust and empowerment for our employees to do great things. We are therefore delighted to welcome a global leader in Daniel to head up the Asia Pacific business.

“I am honoured to be appointed as Managing Director for Steltix Asia Pacific to drive our expansion. Steltix has an amazing brand and reputation in the market. I look forward to continuing to delight our customers and providing focused world-class services and solutions.”
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
Managing Director of Steltix Asia Pacific

At Steltix, we are considered a trusted advisor for our customers, we provide thought leadership and global scale, we support our customers to the fullest, using innovative market-leading consulting, system modernisation and 24/7 managed services solutions that enable our customers to accelerate innovation and revenue for their businesses, wherever they are operating from, and wherever they are planning to expand to.

Steltix believes in partnering for the long term with our customers to support their technology and business process continuously, consistently and with full commitment.

We understand each customer has a unique journey to the Cloud, based on their specific business drivers and timeframes, this is why we support our customers across the full range of Oracle applications and technology including Oracle Cloud Applications, Netsuite, JD Edwards as well as Sage and Nextworld. And this is why we appointed Chris Navybox as Sales Director for our new Steltix Asia Pacific office as well. We hand-picked Chris for his exceptional track record and experience in building long term trusted customer relationships. As we continue to strengthen our business globally to best serve our Customers, we are delighted to welcome Chris as Sales Director for Steltix Asia Pacific.

“I am incredibly excited to be appointed as Sales Director for Steltix Asia Pacific. Steltix has an exceptionally talented and experienced team which I look forward to contribute to the success of the company.”

At Steltix, We connect, for more information, feel free to contact us.

Chris Navybox, Sales Director of Steltix Asia Pacific
Chris Navybox
Sales Director of Steltix Asia Pacific