Appshare – Nederlands

Steltix returns to Las Vegas for the BLUEPRINT 4D Event, former known as Collaborate.

The in-person event will take place from 6-9th of June, 2022 1 April 2022, Utrecht Steltix returns this year to the most famous global Oracle customer event that will be celebrated at the MGM Grand Conference Center. Join us this year and don't miss our presentation with MYR Group: "Learn how Steltix simplified MYR Group’s Fleet Time Entry, Manager Approval and Leave Request Approval" In this session, you will learn about a real customer business case that improved their business processes through digital automation. Check the latest agenda for the event here. New sessions will [...]

2018 InFocus Ideathon

Steltix has won the Ideathon at the Infocus event 2018 in Denver! We presented our Appshare solution implemented at van Hessen, one of our customers. Beyond ERP van Hessen

Appshare Model: How does it work?

Appshare is a Javascript-based framework which is used to deliver specific functionality as a progressive web application to the user. This means that no application has to be installed locally, and every application can be run on any device, from desktop to mobile device – as long as it runs a web browser other than the Microsoft Internet Explorer. On a mobile device, by adding the link to you devices home screen, Appshare will feel, look and act as a mobile application. All that is required to run this in your environment is a valid installation of the Oracle AIS [...]