Optimum Processes in your service business

Meet the needs of your customers and offer them high-quality service, always up-to-date evaluations and the possibility of timely billing processes.

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DE Fabian Klose

“We are also active in the service industry and know how important it is for our clients to keep track of projects, to correctly account for services and to be able to do more with less.”

– Fabian Klose
Steltix Germany, Managing Director

We implement professional service automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. From fast-growing start-ups to large companies with multiple locations, multiple languages ​​and an international environment.

Green Bullet USPPerformance and profitability of your service operation are transparent and can be displayed in real time

Green Bullet USPOptimum use of resources and on-time project execution

Green Bullet USPMobile access by your service team to time and expense management

Green Bullet USPLower hardware maintenance costs and less modernization effort with cloud-based deployment

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NL Paul Schouten

Paul Schouten
Steltix, Industrie Specialist


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