interAct CRM

The CRM for the Nextworld Customer

The first release of interAct CRM is now available within Nextworld ERP.

interAct CRM by Steltix provides the Nextworld customer with the right tools to assist them on their journey with their own customers. It is the most valuable tool to manage new customers, work through deals, report on their pipeline and make more efficient business decisions.

The solution includes core features such as activity, lead and opportunity management, opportunity pipeline reporting and lead analysis, amongst others.

As a 100% cloud-based solution, interAct allows teams to process customer data from anywhere in the world. As a result, it speeds their internal processes and allows them to make clearer and faster decisions.

interAct is built on Nextbot, a 100% no-code development platform

Most customers are interested in having CRM functionality within their set of tools. From our experience, they typically add an external package to their stack of products that interface with their ERP.

One of the key benefits of interAct CRM is that it is embedded in Nextworld. Therefore, it allows its users to work in a familiar environment with a consistent User Interface and User Experience. That eliminates the need to use other third-party solutions to manage the relationships with their customers.

All the functionality of interAct is built on Nextbot, Nextworld’s 100% no-code development platform. Consequently, the CRM is always up to date and native to our customers’ ERP package”
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Altmar Botha Steltix
Altmar Botha
Steltix, Product Owner
interAct CRM
Built on Nextworld