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interAct CRM
Built on Nextworld

An all-around Customer Relationship Management

InterAct CRM built on Nextworld

What is interAct CRM?

interAct CRM by Steltix offers an all-around Customer Relationship Management integrated into Nextworld.

Being a cloud-based solution, it allows your team to access and process customer data from anywhere in the world.

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100% Cloud-based CRM

Accurate quoting and inventory

360 customer views

Deeper understanding of buying behaviour


Focus on your customers, interAct does the rest

interAct is a comprehensive and essential tool for every Nextworld user that needs to understand and work in an efficient way on their customer journey.

The solution includes core features such as Activity, Lead and Opportunity Management, Opportunity Pipeline reporting, Activity, and Lead Analysis, amongst others. Additionally, it can manage deals and information for customers and prospects from a versatile unified view.

Built on a 100% no-code way, automatic updates are done while you can focus on your work.

“Since exceptional Customer Experience is no longer just a differentiator but a customer expectation, an integrated CRM is no longer a nice to have but an essential navigational force throughout the customer journey”

interAct CRM
interAct CRM

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Steltix Erik de Joode

Erik de Joode
Steltix, Product Owner

interAct CRM is one of the best Customer Relationship Management tools in the market.

It is a true cloud solution built on 100% no-code. Therefore, it delivers peace of mind to their users, who can focus on their customers.