Bank und Cash Management für JD Edwards

Bank und Cash Management für JD Edwards Automatisieren Sie Ihr Bank- und Cash-Management, das vollständig in JD Edwards integriert ist. Was ist Bank and Cash Management (BCM)? Die Softwarelösung Bank & Cash Management für JD Edwards von Capgemini Niederlande integriert Standard-Banksoftware mit den JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Finanzmodulen. Mit Bank & Cash Management für JD Edwards werden Bankauszüge hochgeladen und automatisch mit den entsprechenden offenen Debitoren oder dem Hauptbuch abgeglichen. BCM ist vollständig in JD Edwards integriert und unterstützt Standard-Bankformate. Neben dem Abgleich von Belegen mit offenen Debitoren- und [...]

Steltix returns to Las Vegas for the BLUEPRINT 4D Event, former known as Collaborate.

The in-person event will take place from 6-9th of June, 2022 1 April 2022, Utrecht Steltix returns this year to the most famous global Oracle customer event that will be celebrated at the MGM Grand Conference Center. Join us this year and don't miss our presentation with MYR Group: "Learn how Steltix simplified MYR Group’s Fleet Time Entry, Manager Approval and Leave Request Approval" In this session, you will learn about a real customer business case that improved their business processes through digital automation. Check the latest agenda for the event here. New sessions will [...]

Accounts Payable Automation for JD Edwards Roadmap & Release Notes

This guide covers information about Accounts Payable Automation for JD Edwards releases roadmap and previous release updates. APA releases continuous updates that include features, enhancements, and bug fixes for all its offerings. This article lists the latest release for each APA version and directs you to the documentation for those versions. APA follows a quarter release cadence. As a result, new features are available as continuous updates to APA every quarter. See Current Release Notes for APA below for details of the current/latest version. From here you can also navigate to details of prior versions. [...]

Oracle Security Alert Advisory – CVE-2021-44228

UPDATE (21-dec-21) Last week we informed you about the serious Log4j 2 vulnerability CVE-2021-44228. A lot of suppliers have supplied patches to fix the vulnerability that need to be installed. For JD Edwards Oneworld environments: We have investigated the impact noticed that Apache Log4j version 2 is not used in default Oracle Weblogic Server installations, but can contain some Apache Log4j version 2 jars. These jar files can be found in the directory: ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/modules/thirdparty Meanwhile, Oracle confirmed the use of the Apache Log4J vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Server - Version to We recommend applying the Oracle WebLogic [...]