Netsuite SuiteAnalytics Workbook

SuiteAnalytics Workbook is a fully configurable workbook that incorporate datasets, tables, pivot tables, and charts in a single tool that takes advantage of the new analytics data source. Reporting and analytics are arguably two of the most important aspects of any good ERP solution. Getting crucial, meaningful business data easier and faster is more important than ever and NetSuite have addressed this need with Workbook, a new feature built into SuiteAnalytics. It is a easy to use toolkit that can create, analyze and share your business data. SuiteAnalytics Workbook makes it possible to explore and visualize data [...]

Dunning for Dummies

Dunning made simple through The Dunning Letters SuiteApp within NetSuite. Dunning is the process of communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable, and because laws in each country regulate the means by which dunning can occur, it is important to have a flexible all-encompassing process in place. The Dunning Letters SuiteApp within NetSuite provides you with the control of either Customer Level Dunning, Invoice Level Dunning, or Invoice Group level Dunning and includes both manual and automated sending of dunning letters. Dunning can be paused for a customer to allow additional time for payment [...]

Netsuite Expense Allocation Schedule

Feature rich functionality, designed to make your work day less complicated. The Expense Allocation feature on NetSuite enables you to account for fixed expenses without having to split them among individual departments or locations in advance of incurring the expenses. Later, you can transfer expenses into different accounts and assign the expenses to specific departments, classes, or locations and custom segments, saving you the time required to enter complex journal entries. Expense allocation is managed by allocation schedules. You set up allocation schedules to allocate, or transfer, balances from expense accounts into one or more other accounts. [...]

Oracle Security Alert Advisory – CVE-2021-44228

UPDATE (21-dec-21) Last week we informed you about the serious Log4j 2 vulnerability CVE-2021-44228. A lot of suppliers have supplied patches to fix the vulnerability that need to be installed. For JD Edwards Oneworld environments: We have investigated the impact noticed that Apache Log4j version 2 is not used in default Oracle Weblogic Server installations, but can contain some Apache Log4j version 2 jars. These jar files can be found in the directory: ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/modules/thirdparty Meanwhile, Oracle confirmed the use of the Apache Log4J vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Server - Version to We recommend applying the Oracle WebLogic [...]

Steltix Transparent Logon & dropZone Demo

Have you missed the presentation from Johan Teekens and Sonja Roettcher showing you how you can save time and simplify your business processes using our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products? With Transparent Logon you can get single sign-on going within minutes. And we just launched a brand new release with "two factor authentication" on JD Edwards. More Information about Transparent Logon. dropZone is our cloud solution for mass maintaining and adding data to EnterpriseOne. Simply drag and drop your Excel Sheet into your web browser. No installation required. More Information about dropZone. Get more details and register: https://steltix-staging.com/jde-tl-dz-webinar-registration/

Nextworld – The ERP redefined

In this article, written by Mark Schenecker, VP of product at Nextworld, we explore how the future of ERP is a platform, and how that future is already here. Every decade there is a new release, a re-architected version, of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that promises more functionality and a better user experience. Ok, well at least more functionality. The market has been conditioned such that every ten or so years your ERP requires wholesale replacement. Hence, you must license the newest ERP version and spend the next 1-2 years on a costly implementation – again. This [...]