Oracle NetSuite
Automating Business Processe

Steltix offers Oracle NetSuite Summer School classes for NetSuite Workflows, SuiteScript and Customer User Interface Development.

With fundamental workflow concepts, you have the tools to visually construct your business processes. SuiteFlow can automate your custom approval routing, apply validations, send emails, create related records, direct the end user to appropriate forms in the user interface, and more.

Topics included are:
  • Default data on forms.
  • Add field and form level validations while performing data entry.
  • Dynamically change form data based on data entry.
  • Differentiate display of data based on whether a form is displaying in edit mode, view mode, or print mode.
  • Send email notifications.
  • Automate the creation of tasks, phone calls and other records.
  • Automatically move an end user to a different page/record within NetSuite.
  • Generate approval routing workflows with several approvers.
  • Process approval buttons such as Approve and Reject.
  • Manage approval status.
  • Support role-based business processes.

Create and deploy different script types to satisfy specific business requirements. Learn how to use SuiteScript, a JavaScript-based API, to create flexible business logic.

Topics included are:
  • Develop scripts using the SuiteScript 2.0 API.
  • Automate processes such as defaulting values, validating fields, and executing scripts on a schedule.
  • Speed up client scripts by executing asynchronous calls to the server.
  • Effectively process large amounts of data using distributed processing, without worrying about script governance.
  • Extend the power of workflows (SuiteFlow) through workflow action scripts.
  • Design a custom NetSuite page.
  • Create scripts using the “Built for NetSuite” development best practices.

This course teaches experienced SuiteScript 2.0 developers how to create custom UIs with Suitelet, User Event and Portlet scripts. Learn to build the UI you want, to meet your unique business requirements.

Topics included are:
  • Build Suitelets containing multiple UI objects (Form, Field, FieldGroup, Button, Sublist, Tab, etc.).
  • Create form-based Suitelets that embed custom HTML through inline HTML fields.
  • Create Suitelets composed completely of custom HTML with no UI objects.
  • Incorporate third-party JavaScript libraries on the client side and on the server side.
  • Work with ServerRequest and ServerResponse objects.
  • Customize existing forms via User Event scripts.
  • Design custom List and Assistant pages.
  • Create custom portlet UIs.

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