Oracle NetSuite
Analyze & Report

Steltix offers Oracle NetSuite Summer School classes for NetSuite Open Air Reporting and NetSuite Print Layouts.

The goal of this course is to master the customization of NetSuite Advanced PDF/HTML Templates and creation of Scriptable Templates.

Topics included are:
  • Customize Advanced PDF/HTML Templates using WYSIWYG and Source Code editing modes.
  • Create Scriptable Templates using WYSIWYG and Source Code editing modes.
  • Embed FreeMarker expressions and directives in Advanced PDF/HTML Templates and Scriptable Templates.
  • Embed BFO (Big Faceless Organization) tags in Advanced PDF/HTML Templates.

Learn the setup, configuration, maintenance and capabilities of OpenAir reports for your company. Through a series of instructor-led and self-paced topics, this course introduces reporting modules and builds upon the methods for creating and managing robust reports in OpenAir accounts.

Topics included are:
  • Navigate through the reports manager interface.
  • Build crosstabbed and tabular reports.
  • Create basic key metric reports to gain visibility into strategic business operations.
  • Create custom calculation fields and apply them to reports.
  • Build advanced reports.
  • Distribute reports throughout the organization.
  • Display report results in visual charts or graphs.

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