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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Technology & Orchestration Training

Discover JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Technology & Orchestration Training. Whether you are a beginner in the field of orchestration, have already made your first experience or are aiming for expert status: We have the right training for all levels.

Learn and explore the features of J.D. Edwards Orchestration Studio.

Topics included are:
  • Get an understanding what AIS and Orchestrations are and can do for you
  • Get inspired by existing solutions
  • Learn from basic exercises
  • Be creative and build your own Orchestrations

Just experienced the basic features of the Orchestrator Studio? Then this is the right class to deepen your knowledge by a whole day of exercises. We developed new exercises for 2021 on an easier level. Just right to get started.

Another day of orchestration exercises on a more higher level. For all who have already some experience with Orchestrations or visited the “Introduction to Orchestration” as well as the “More Basic Orchestration Exercises” Classes.

Get the latest update of new features and process advanced orchestration exercises.

Topics included are:
  • Update of new features
  • Iterations within JD Edwards Orchestrations
  • Using Apache Groovy for Custom Service Requests, Rules and Manipulating Output
  • Build and publish an advanced Orchestration
  • Schedule Orchestrations

A full day with our orchestration experts to ask all the questions you still have after the advanced orchestration and process special orchestrations. Use new functions like using Business functions within your orchestration.

A combined Technology Object Management Class with Security Management and focused on Enterprise Server Management and AIS

Topics included are:
  • Object Live Cycle
  • Object Movement
  • Object Management Workbench
  • User Defined Objects
  • Package Build
  • Security Overview
  • Security Workbench
  • Enterprise Server Management
  • Application Integration Services Management

Learn about Purge-it! . Purge-it! is a fully functional archiving solution we support.

Topics covered:

  • The Purge Process
  • Flexible Data Selection
  • Data Validation
  • Commitment control
  • Audit History
  • Environment Dashboard

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