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Learn the basic EnterpriseOne Procurement functionality including Setup and Transaction Processing. Get an overview of available Reports and Inquiries!


Procure to Pay Overview

Procurement Setup

  • Supplier Master
  • Order Flows
  • Supplier Catalogues & Item Relationships
  • Automatic Accounting Instructions
  • Tolerance Rules
  • Landed Costs

Working with Inventory Purchase Orders

  • Adding Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Print Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Acknowledgement

Receipt Processing

  • Print Receivers
  • Receive Purchase Order
  • Receipt Routing – Move and Disposition

Voucher Processing

  • Voucher Match
  • Review and Post Voucher

Non-Inventory Purchase Orders and additional Order Types (Requisitions, Blanket Orders, Quote Orders)

Procurement Inquiries and Reports

New Features Release 22 new iocn


The class is for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Procurement Beginners.


General User Experience class or at least 3 month of working experience with EnterpriseOne.


NL Frank Lakerveld Frank Lakerveld
Functional Consultant