SuiteProjects is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution natively built on NetSuite

As a professional services company ourselves, we are well versed on the challenges you face and share in your frustrations. That’s why we use NetSuite SuiteProjects to manage our projects, and are confident enough to advise you to do the same. 

Now more than ever, professional service businesses require an ERP that focuses on more than just their short term goals, they need an ERP solution that can help them look ahead and achieve those long term goals too.

With SuiteProjects, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution natively built on NetSuite, we can help you realise these key benefits, and get you closer to those long term goals.

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Key benefits:

Green Bullet USPStreamline operations and drive profitability by optimizing the entire services business lifecycle.

Green Bullet USPFaster project completion, better resource utilization, more accurate and efficient invoices.

Green Bullet USPIncrease visibility across your business, including forecasts, resources, projects and KPIs.

Green Bullet USPAnytime, anywhere web and mobile access.

Green Bullet USPReal-time reporting on key metrics such as project profitability and resource utilization.

Green Bullet USPGain real-time, global business management and financial consolidation.

SuiteProjects unites professional services automation functionality with CRM, ERP and HR to provide a complete solution for any business that provides services.


If you’d like to learn more about NetSuite SuiteProjects, feel free to reach out to our Steltix Team!

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