You have the right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten (RTBF) is the right individuals have, in some circumstances, to have their personal information removed from Internet searches and other directories. It is a right adopted in many jurisdictions and is one of the key requirements in recent privacy laws.

NetSuite PI Removal helps businesses like yours to address privacy regulations related to data subject requests. The feature enables NetSuite users with the applicable permissions to remove personal information from NetSuite fields, records, and audit logs.

Administrators can use PI Removal to replace the data stored in both the system log notes and the workflow history with a user-defined value.

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Examples of fields and records that can be addressed by the Personal Information Removal system include:

Green Bullet USPFirst Names

Green Bullet USPLast Names

Green Bullet USPEmail Address

Green Bullet USPSocial Security Number or Identification Numbers

Green Bullet USPCredit Card Numbers

Green Bullet USPGender etc.

The Personal Information Removal feature offers the following benefit:

Green Bullet USPImproves compliance with privacy regulation

Green Bullet USPSupports removing Personal Information data from record field values, notes logs, and workflow history

Green Bullet USPPermits an authorized user to remove Personal Information data without contacting NetSuite Customer Support

Green Bullet USPReplaces the Audit Trail History field value with a user-defined message

Green Bullet USPDoes not remove the Audit Trail History logs

You can perform individual information removal requests from within NetSuite. You can view all the requests that have been submitted, including who created the request, when it was created, and the current status of the request. For more complex requests, you can build the request from SuiteScript.

If you’d like to learn more about the NetSuite PI Removal tool, feel free to reach out to our Steltix Team!

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