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DE Chritopher Bothe

“Our approach to projects allows us to lay a solid foundation during implementation and our expert team will then enable the very specific functionality required for you to get the insights and controls you need. Only real question: For how long can you afford to not move your business to NetSuite.”

– Christopher Bothe
Steltix, NetSuite

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Why is your ERP only the catching area for your data and not the entry point? Business today is heavily dependent on the data at their exposure to make informed decisions to drive your strategic objectives into execution. At Steltix we firmly believe that your Operations should not be removed from your Finance team, as the interdependence between these historical silos should be demolished.

With NetSuite as your business management applications this is certainly possible. The modern economy is driven by data and whether you are aware of it or not so is your business. Lack of data or access to accurate data in business applications will have a direct impact on your success or failure as a business. Steltix’s expert consultants have the experience and knowledge to:

Green Bullet USPEnable your business to grow using NetSuite technology

Green Bullet USPBridge the gap between operations and back office activities

starfish success story


Starfish Donor Funding Implementation

“Our business requires that we account and report on all Donor Funding to ensure we meet the objectives of our programs and Donors. NetSuite has met our business requirements as we can budget and spend according to the defined values, and we can report against all Donor Projects and budgets with accuracy and speed during the month and at month end. This allows Starfish to quickly adjust funds flow to our projects and deliver our business objectives to those in need in the communities we serve” – Primrose Chamboko, Starfish Finance Manager

We offer a range of services in NetSuite which is engineered to scale with your businesses

Whether you are in Manufacturing, Telematics, Mining, Retail, Wholesale and Distribution, Professional Services or construction your partnership with NetSuite and Steltix will complete change your view on your business.

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As business has evolved so has Business Management applications and NetSuite certainly can be seen as the evolution of ERP


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DE Chritopher Bothe

Christopher Bothe
Steltix, NetSuite Sales

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