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There are a many buzz words out there like Industry 4.0, IIOT, Smart Factories, Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.
But what does that all mean and more importantly what does it mean for your manufacturing businesses’ current and future success?

Simply put, unless you have a need to know exactly what each of the terms above mean,
all you really need to know is how to reap the huge rewards of implementing these solutions.

The Steltix Approach to IIOT (Industry Internet of Things)

Steltix sees machines and products as networked and intelligent components that can exchange data locally, globally and among companies. We want you to achieve unprecedented transparency and flexibility that would give you TRUE insights into your business and get an edge over the competition.

It’s a challenge to assemble the necessary resources and skills in information and communication technology. We accept that challenge. We boost efficiency and productivity by merging a wide range of issues in information/communication technology and production. We do this all in a non-invasive way and work with your existing hardware and related maintenance and engineering teams.

We provide organisations with a true understanding of every aspect of the supply chain including lead-times, cost of components of materials, material availability and logistics.

How can you benefit?

Maximize asset, production, and supply chain performance with insights gained from existing machines and devices.

Reduce costs and waste through insights gained into your real-time energy and utility usage.

Reduced unplanned downtime with real-time learning, classifying and logging of breakdowns, allows for future preventative maintenance alerts.

Are you marketing and selling products and services more intelligently?

Improve quality by comparing quality specifications to insights gained from real-time analysis on related process and product data

Realtime Business Insights with connected machines and additional insights, as well as “out of the box” ERP (JDE, NETSUITE, SAP etc) integrations.

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