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NL Johan Teekens

By Technology Expert Johan Teekens

Do you want to be an Orchestrations Expert? Learn everything you need to know to become a master in Orchestrations!

Hands-on Exercises include:

Green Bullet USPHow to schedule an Orchestration. We create a batch post with notification and schedule this to run every 10 minutes during office hours.

Green Bullet USPUpdating specific grid lines that have no QBE. Update a purchase Order Detail grid, using a iteration and a simple groovy

Green Bullet USPHow to communicate with an external API. Setup an external employee system, and updating JDE and the employee system using a connector

Green Bullet USP How to use BSFN as orchestration step. Get a customer price by calling 2 BSFN’s

Green Bullet USP Managing Media Object Text from Orchestrations. How to Add and Update media object text on item master using Orchestrations.

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