Appshare is a Javascript-based framework which is used to deliver specific functionality as a progressive web application to the user. This means that no application has to be installed locally, and every application can be run on any device, from desktop to mobile device – as long as it runs a web browser other than the Microsoft Internet Explorer. On a mobile device, by adding the link to you devices home screen, Appshare will feel, look and act as a mobile application.

  • All that is required to run this in your environment is a valid installation of the Oracle AIS server (included in the standard license).

  • Community apps are apps that can run on any environment.

  • Adding your own business apps just require basic knowledge of Javascript and the underlying JD Edwards transactions.


Appshare infrastructure infographic

To run Appshare applications, all that is required is an internet connection to be able to download the Appshare app from

  • All transactions between your device running Appshare and JD Edwards stays in the realms of your own secured network.

  • Data or transactions are never leaving your own network

  • Using Docker technology, the Appshare platform can easily be deployed in your own secured network. Running the Appshare apps are then not dependent on the availability of an internet connection.