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eInvoicing Automation

Automate the outbound and inbound invoice processing and free up time for things that matter.

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Accounts Payable Automation for JD Edwards

Steltix eInvoicing
Automation Solution

What is Steltix eInvoicing Automation?

The Steltix eInvoicing Automation Solution allows customers to issue and receive electronic invoices securely and compliantly.

It is also used to monitor the status of invoices, track their delivery, and access their history via a user-friendly workbench.

Our solution can support eInvoicing needs in every country. We have a global network of experts who help comply with the different eInvoicing regulations and standards around the world.


Green Bullet USPOutbound and inbound invoice processing

Green Bullet USPFully integrated into JD Edwards by using Oracle Standard code

Green Bullet USPDocument repository and status monitoring

Green Bullet USPDigital Signature on all eInvoices included

Green Bullet USPAutomatic validation and matching of inbound invoices

Green Bullet USPDedicated workbench to monitor customer and supplier invoices

eInvoicing Regulations Globally

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Automate your eInvoicing Process

Automate your electronic transactions with clients and suppliers with our eInvoicing Automation solution.

We have a worldwide team with local knowledge that will guide you through the process of B2B eInvoicing.

Choose your country of interest below and become eInvoicing ready!

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eInvoicing requirements across countries are growing. While each country has its models and regulations, we thought it was crucial to create a solution able to support any country-specific legal requirements.

That is why we developed our eInvoicing Automation solution, specifically designed within JD Edwards that works natively with Oracle’s standard code and functionality.

This session equips you with essential insights and a practical solution to enhance your invoicing processes efficiently.

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Nelson Cunha

Nelson Cunha
Steltix, Product Owner

Save time and be more efficient with our eInvoicing Automation solution for JD Edwards

Whether you want to automate the whole invoicing process or just one part of it, we’ve got you covered.

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