“Steltix is a crucial element to expanding into the European market and we are thrilled to sign them as our first European and South African reseller.”
– Kylee Mcvaney, Founder and CEO of Nextworld

Steltix, headquartered in the Netherlands, operates worldwide with 10 offices spread across Europe and South Africa. Not only does their consulting group play an important role in Nextworld product development strategy, but they are also helping develop the core product from their South African development center.

“Their breadth of ERP knowledge and depth of industry expertise coupled with our advanced technology make this a strategic partnership for us both,” Kylee adds.

We have been looking for an ERP company that is innovating on the latest advancements we have in the industry. Nextworld is the only one building a full suite of enterprise applications on today’s modern technology.“
– says Jan Jaap Weerstand, CEO of Steltix.
Kylee Mcvaney, Founder and CEO of Nextworld
Kylee Mcvaney
Jan Jaap Weerstand, CEO of Steltix
Jan Jaap Weerstand
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Nextworld is cloud ERP for the modern enterprise. They are the only company to offer a full suite of applications for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Financial companies built from the ground up on a no-code development platform. Their state-of-the-art architecture insulates customers from rapid technology changes and keeps them ahead of what’s next™.

Visit www.nextworld.net for more info.

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Steltix is known as the ERP expert. Providing future proof and solid ERP solutions for their customers. Steltix consultants go to great lengths to understand business processes and requirements and to ensure the most efficient flow of transactions in the standard ERP package. The key to lowering the cost of ownership of the ERP solution comes through ensuring standard processing for business transactions without complex customizations. Utilizing modern tools to make it as easy as possible for users to perform transactions in a way that best matches their needs and interact with potentially complex systems, using any type of device and a growing number of interaction possibilities.