How the ERP acronym has changed during the years

The current business climate has forced individuals and companies to think faster, further, and more efficiently. ERP software solutions need to facilitate rapid change and the ability to deploy ever-changing business requirements and operational challenges almost at lightning-speed.

But what does this mean for your current ERP solution?

How about development freezes and downtime because you want to upgrade or offer new functionality to your users?

What about having to retrofit your custom code again and again?

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Jeroen Renes
Steltix Customer Manager

ERP solutions typically try to maximize functional scope, i.e. optimizing/planning for finance, production, HR, supply chain: “One size fit’s all!”.

This is only part of what is required these days.

Today, it is not only about functionality. It is also about the ability of a platform to deliver that functionality fast and without disrupting processes and businesses.

What does this mean for you?

In these times of uncertainty, one thing is becoming vital for every company: preserve revenues and conserve cash. Also, having immediate ROI will be fundamental, and that is linked to the agility and efficiency of creating and deploying specific functionality as part of your ERP.

The next generation ERP is not just a planning system, it is a platform. From day one, from the ground up, the same platform used to build ERP should be the same platform that is used to deliver the customizations that provide the unique functionality required to make your business more competitive.

Steltix recently partnered with Nextworld, an Enterprise Resource Platform that future-proofs your business, keeping you ahead of what’s next


  1. Spend your budget on innovation not maintenance. Studies show that most companies spend up to 72% of their IT budget on just keeping things going. This means that you could be innovating with the capital you have available but that, instead, it is being wasted on “keeping the lights on”. Nextworld’s platform delivers a no-code route to quickly build and deploy your business-specific requirements.
  1. Zero downtime updates. With Nextworld Enterprise Resource Platform, you do not have to pay attention to maintenance schedules because every patch and update happens with zero downtime. Nextworld is 100% stateless and offers a seamless, in-place deployment of patches and hot-patches with no impact to your users.
  1. Think fast, act fast! Drag & drop options enable you to build and change applications on your own — in a fraction of the time it would take with a conventional solution. So you can spend more time on things that really matter, like running your business successfully.

These are challenging times. Now challenge yourself and the way you define your ERP. The way it serves your business. Look at it from both a functional and technological point of view.

With an Enterprise Resource Platform, like Nextworld, where applications are separate from the technology, you will be on top of your game, always.