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Orchestrator Training

Discover JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Training. Whether you are a beginner in the field of orchestration, have already made your first experience or are aiming for expert status: We have the right training for all levels. We also separated topics into classes for Notifications, Workflow Modeler and Logic Extensions. Learn all about the Orchestrator Studio.

All courses are characterised by a large number of exercises to directly apply what has been learned.

Learn and explore the features of J.D. Edwards Orchestration Studio.

Topics included are:
  • Get an understanding what AIS and Orchestrations are and can do for you
  • Get inspired by existing solutions
  • Learn from basic exercises
  • Be creative and build your own Orchestrations

Just experienced the basic features of the Orchestrator Studio? Then this is the right class to deepen your knowledge with a whole day of exercises. We developed new exercises on an easier level. Just right to get started.

Another day of orchestration exercises on a more higher level. For all who have already some experience with Orchestrations or visited the “Introduction to Orchestration” as well as the “More Basic Orchestration Exercises” Classes.

Get the latest update of new features and dive into the depths of Orchestrations

Topics included are:
  • Update of new features
  • Iterations within JD Edwards Orchestrations
  • Using Apache Groovy for Custom Service Requests, Rules and Manipulating Output
  • Schedule Orchestrations
  • Using Business Functions in Orchestrations
  • Manage Media Objects
  • Calling external APIs

A full day with our orchestration experts to ask all the questions you still have after the advanced orchestration and process special orchestrations. Use new functions like using Business functions within your orchestration.

Get an introduction to the new Orchestrator Studio Workflow Modeler.

Topics included are:
  • Get a foundational understanding of Workflows
  • Experience the latest features in the Orchestrator Studio
  • Understand the required setup
  • Learn how to apply Workflow to your processes

Get an introduction to the new Orchestrator feature of Logic Extensions.

Topics included are:
  • Overview of Logic Extensions
  • Components
  • Release 22/23 Updates
  • Using Logic Extensions
  • Exercises

Deep dive into the features of Notifications and how they can be used.

Topics included are:
  • Managing Notifications
  • Preconfigured Notifications
  • Create a simple Notification
  • Create a Notification based on a watchlist
  • Create a Notification based on Orchestration

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