Enabling eInvoicing
for JD Edwards

Live demonstration of eInvoicing on JD Edwards

Companies using JD Edwards are already on the journey to benefit from eInvoicing.

Join Steltix as we showcase how our eInvoicing Solution for JD Edwards is enabling our Customers to take advantage of eInvoicing benefits including:

Green Bullet USPReduced payment terms

Green Bullet USPHigher security, including minimised risk of Invoice Fraud

Green Bullet USP“Touchless” AP processing, resulting in increased efficiency

Green Bullet USPTotal cost saving for invoicing of 70% per invoice

eInvoicing webinar

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October 11th at 8 am AEDT

Our Business Process Automation Solutions for JD Edwards enable our Customers to focus on their core business.

Theo Pouw

“We have extensively conducted market research. Steltix is the only supplier that was able to show that our processes could be supported by JD Edwards.”

– Marga Pouw
Director of Finance IT PR HR, Theo Pouw Groep

Burg Group

“Steltix has delivered our Digital Transformation across CRM, Finance, Manufacturing and Warehouse driving business efficiency, process standardisation and lower costs.”

– Arjen Pauzenga
CFO at Burg Group


“Steltix really understands our business which enables them to come up with practical solutions to our problems. Sometimes the proposed solutions are surprisingly simple and cost-effective.”

– George Keune, CEO