JD Edwards + eInvoicing:
Your Pathway to Operational Excellence

Be prepared with our Steltix eInvoicing Automation Solution

eInvoicing requirements across countries are growing. While each country has its own models and regulations, we thought it was crucial to create a solution able to support any country-specific legal requirements.

That is why we developed our eInvoicing Automation solution, specifically designed within JD Edwards that works natively with Oracle’s standard code and functionality.

This session promises to equip you with essential insights and a practical solution to enhance your invoicing processes efficiently.

Key takeaways:

Green Bullet USPGain insight in the ever-growing eInvoicing regulations globally.

Green Bullet USPBe prepared to make informed decisions about eInvoicing in your company.

Green Bullet USPLearn and watch how our eInvoicing Automation Solution allows you to personalize the solution to your needs.

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eInvoicing presenter Nelson Cunha 4

June 18th at 4 pm (Central European Time) / 9 am (CDT)